The Grandparent Scam


There a numerous amounts of scams that target many different people but there is one scam that specifically targets seniors. This scam is referred to the Grandparent Scam. A brief summary of how it works is the fraud artist would call a senior who is a grandparent and pretend to be their [...]

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COVID-19 Fine-Tuned Services


MadPI Consulting & Investigations has fine-tuned some of its services to help corporation and small businesses better manage their day to day operations during this global pandemic. Criminal groups and scammers target new opportunities to capitalise on fear of the unknown. We are well equipped to deliver efficient services during these turbulent [...]

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COVID-19 – Statement & Precautions


As the COVID-19 global spread continues to affect our lives, we at MadPI, personally and professionally, would like to express our support and assurance during these unprecedented times. MadPI’s highest priority is to protect the health of our colleagues, clients, and the people close to them; and maintain the highest level of professional [...]

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High-Risk Termination – Corporate Investigative Services


Firing an employee that exhibited violent, harassing or intimidating behaviour in the work place is never an easy undertaking. If you wish to terminate such an employee, this will likely result in a high-risk termination situation. If handled without care, things can escalate quickly, and the employee may potentially become more violent or [...]

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Surveillance – Professional Tool Private Investigators Use to Collect Information


Surveillance is one of the most intrusive professional tools private investigators use to collect information on the target. But despite being intrusive, it’s legal and it’s very valuable. Surveillance is used to observe persons, places or immovable objects in their natural state without being altered and/or detected. The reasons to conduct surveillance may [...]

Surveillance – Professional Tool Private Investigators Use to Collect Information2020-03-04T16:05:39-05:00

Infidelity Unveiled: 9 Red Flags Your Spouse is Cheating


If you suspect your spouse of cheating, hire a private investigator! Private investigators are experts at identifying infidelity and they will be able to get the proof you need about whether you are just being paranoid or if your suspicions are justified. Most of the time if you suspect it, it’s happening. It’s [...]

Infidelity Unveiled: 9 Red Flags Your Spouse is Cheating2019-12-19T18:11:34-05:00

Investigative Services in Ottawa


MadPI Consulting & Investigations is thrilled to share that we have acquired Inquisitive Mind (IMRI) to further our vision of delivering a world class investigative services in the Nation’s Capital. IMRI was an investigative agency out of Ottawa, Ontario, which expertly handled insurance cases, skip tracing, social media investigations, background searches, and specialized [...]

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Concerned about Catfishing and Romance Scams?


Private Investigator can help protect you from Catfishing and Romance Scams! Online dating has been around for many years, and for some it’s a great way to meet people and to find satisfying relationships and love. But lately, there has been a lot of fake and /or fabricated profiles all across dating sites. [...]

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7 Reasons Why Lawyers Need Private Investigators


While lawyers are the winning Jedi in the realm of legal issues surrounding the case, private investigators are the clandestine instruments who provide the missing links that make the lawyers’ legal wisdom in the case, certifiable.

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Welcome aboard the MadPI LogBook!


Introducing our new blog page dedicated to help our clients and readers get a better understanding of the private investigation industry, the profession and our agency. We hope that this information will help you in your personal lives, businesses and other successes. We will now be posting regularly about cases, professional tips, news, [...]

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Why Hire a Private Investigator in a Criminal Defence Case?


Despite our comparatively advanced, lenient, and transparent criminal justice system, things don’t always happen exactly as prescribed by the law. The prosecution uses police officers and investigators employed by the crown. Which in itself, is not a bad thing, and that is how things are and probably should be, until we develop a [...]

Why Hire a Private Investigator in a Criminal Defence Case?2020-03-04T16:02:13-05:00

Choosing a Private Investigator


Hiring a private investigator can be an emotional and exhausting undertaking. The distinction between a good company and a bad one can cost you dearly in a financial sense, in a lost court trial, or ruined life and reputation. Therefore, you’re better to do comprehensive research before trusting someone with your case. Although some cases do [...]

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