Surveillance – Professional Tool Private Investigators

Surveillance is one of the most intrusive professional tools private investigators use to collect information on the target. But despite being intrusive, it’s legal and it’s very valuable. Surveillance is used to observe persons, places or immovable objects in their natural state without being altered and/or detected. The reasons to conduct surveillance may be very diverse and are not necessarily limited to: obtain evidence for use in court; locate hidden or stolen property; obtain information prior to conducting an interview; or obtain information about someone’s activities. We can also prove whether or not someone’s spouse is having an affair, or if someone with an insurance claim for a leg injury is magically able to run! By conducting surveillance for corporations, we can find information on potential business partners, employees and clients, learn if an employee is stealing time and/or property, and if the witness in their court case is double crossing and cooperating with the opposing party.

The information obtained during surveillance can make a huge difference for your legal case in litigation, criminal or family matters and will provide you with all the answers that you need. Clients receive detailed reports with clear pictures which will almost always be admissible for evidence in court. The pictures and the video are always time stamped to prove the exact date and time that the incidence occurred.

By conducting surveillance, we are able to obtain information that otherwise would not be possible to obtain, for example, the daily routine of a person, pictures of the people they interact with, GPS logs showing the places they visit, recorded body language and social behaviour.

Private investigators can conduct surveillance at any time, day or night and almost at any place. They can obtain evidence in hotels and restaurants, during conferences, parties and celebrations, at entertainment and sporting events, in remote and rural areas. Whether they need to put on a bowtie, sip martini and play poker, or put on construction boots, sport a measuring tape and a hammer, they will infiltrate virtually any environment to get the job done. The surveillance investigators are highly skilled and experienced and are able to do mobile, foot, static surveillance as well as counter surveillance measures. Private investigators also have all the necessary permits and equipment to be able to conduct a surveillance investigation efficiently.

Sometimes it may be necessary to only have one surveillance investigator working on the case, however, depending on the situation, there may be times where two or more investigators are needed. This can be for reasons of discretion or to make sure that the subject is not lost during the pursuit. The investigator dealing with your file will evaluate the situation and let you know what the best option is in order to achieve the results that you are looking for.

Whether you need evidence that will stand up and speak volumes in court or simply just want to get to the bottom of your suspicions, hiring a private investigator to conduct surveillance is the best way to get all the answers that you are looking for!