Infidelity Investigations

At MadPI Consulting & Investigations, we understand how painful it is to suspect your partner of cheating, how it affects your relationship with family and friends, and the effects it has on your daily life. We promise to make this very emotional situation the least demanding as possible.

We are very patient, considerate, supportive, and discreet. You can trust us with the most sensitive details. We guarantee, that all information will remain strictly confidential and will never be revealed to anyone without your explicit consent. We will explain to you the process of the investigation, the precautions you must take to maintain the integrity of the investigation, and we will be there with you until the very end.

We can also analyse for evidence: electronic communication devices and computers, telephone records, credit card and bank statements, investment portfolios, and social media accounts; we can collect DNA samples from clothes, personal and household items, vehicles, boats and sporting equipment, and conduct a reliable and conclusive Infidelity DNA Testing; we can install GPS and covert audio/video equipment to monitor movement and activity.

At the end of the investigation, we will provide a comprehensive report with superior-quality photographic, video, audio, and any other collected evidence.

If you begin to suspect something, do not confront your partner, Contact Us for a Free and No Obligation Consultation immediately and we will guide you accordingly!