Due Diligence and Intelligence Gathering

Due diligence is a type of investigation conducted to uncover intelligence and facts about a certain matter. It is mostly produced in a business environment and is an essential exercise to mitigate risks and protect reputation and assets.

Over the past 3-5 years we have observed a considerable incline in companies taking a pro-active approach and hiring us to conduct due-diligence investigations before acquiring or merging with other companies, before dealing with new vendors or suppliers, before hiring new employees or before venturing off into new markets. Whether it has to do with substantially increased global fraudulent activities and capabilities or with business’s better understanding of risks involved, we’ve saved millions of dollars by accurately vetting ‘bad seeds’ and by raising ‘red flags’ where corporate internal mechanisms failed or were unable to do so.

The reason why we, as private investigators, are better at this than any HR team or a law firm, is simple, we continuously investigate criminal and fraudulent cases, those who have done wrong already, gone rogue, have turned on their business partners, have stolen or hidden important and sensitive information that later backfired, opened false companies and bank accounts, lied in their permits and jurisdictions of operations before obtaining contracts, hidden assets, etc. We know why enhanced due diligence will be important in the future, what to look for and where. We know what weak spots look like and we understand how these weak spots will affect business dealings. We uncover the risks before clients invest millions of dollars, accept proposals, make first payments or buy property. We have the expertise and experience required to help businesses avoid mistakes they may not be able to recover from. Investment into due diligence prior to making important decisions is a fraction of a cost that a client might have to spend later on post-factum investigation, litigation proceedings, reputation loss, unsatisfied customers, undelivered timelines, or even bankruptcy. Insurance may not cover the losses that arise, but a due diligence investigation will help businesses avoid short and long-term damage and liability.

Enhanced due diligence investigations will also uncover criminal activity, fraudulent activity, liens and judgements, lawsuits, PEPs, and many other important risk factors that should be learned prior to proceeding with a business deal. We will navigate you through compliance-related matters to ensure compliance with various national and international regulations and anti-corruption regulations. Making informed decisions is better when you’re fully abreast on future risks and opportunities.

As part of the enhanced due diligence and background check, we’ll also investigate key shareholders and board of directors; CEOs, CFOs and other top-tier management; vendors and contractors. The same can be done when hiring new employees, especially if they are being considered for executive positions that will represent the company. If a current or potential employee, or a business partner, is misrepresenting theirs or a company’s background, we can find out about it before it’s too late. We can conduct a full background check on them, verify their credentials and help you determine if they are the right fit for your goals and strategies.

At MadPI Consulting & Investigations, we take our investigations seriously. We’re knowledgeable, efficient, and we service clients around the globe to ensure their reputation is protected and their assets are safe.

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