Top Private Investigation Security & Intelligence Podcasts

We’ve been working tirelessly while operating from home and among other accomplishments, have gathered a large number of great podcasts which talk about different issues in our industry. These podcasts go from business advice to surveillance techniques, from P.I. stories to discussions on OSINT, from intelligence analysis to eliminating malware and maintaining digital security!

We apologise if we missed some, but please send us an email and we’ll be happy to add others to the list.

We hope you enjoy it and will have an opportunity to give these podcasts a try and learn something new and applicable to your success as a professional or simply just for fun!

Podcasts on Private Investigation:

Private Investigator Advice Podcast

Without Warning Podcast

Verity Private Investigations Podcast

Cloak Investigations Podcast

Down Under Investigations

Lee & Cory: On the Case

PI’s Declassified!

  • A podcast where P.I’s talk about real life cases they’ve worked on. One is posted weekly.
  • You’ll hear stories about lies and false confessions, tracking down missing persons, forensics, workplace violence, innocent people freed from prison, human trafficking and other tantalizing cases.

The Private Investigator Thought Experiment

One Tough podcast with Bo Dietl

P.I. Magazine – The Podcast

My Favourite Detective Stories

Security Weekly

Security Intelligence

Private Investigation podcast

Intermountain PI

American PI

P.I. Perspectives
  • Join host Matthew Spaier, PI  and his Industry Guests weekly as he dives into the perspectives of what it takes to be a successful Private Investigator.
  • Hear Matthew’s take on how to build your business and learn techniques to help you be the very best investigator you can be. Matthew’s 25 years of investigative experience in New York City has given him a unique perspective on how to succeed from case to case.

Podcasts on OSINT:

The OSINT Podcast

  • The podcast include interviews with those in the field, discussions on OSINT, data privacy, etc.
  • Host is Jake Creps.
  • Episodes are from 2018-2019.

Layer 8 Podcasts

The Privacy, Security and OSINT Show

Podcasts on Cyber Crime:

Advanced Persistent Security and Joe Gray podcasts

The Shared Security Podcast

Naked Security

Defensive Security podcast

Beecher Madden – Zero Hour Podcast

Hacker Valley Studio

Silver Bullet Security Podcast

Darknet Diaries

Cyber by Motherboard

Cybercrime Investigations

Podcasts on Intelligence:

World Class Investigator

  • Increase your knowledge in the Investigation industry with Julie Clegg, CEO of Human-i Intelligence Services.
  • Featuring weekly interviews and insights from thought leaders in the intelligence industry including former detectives, business leaders, profilers and investigative experts.

The SpyCast Podcast

Intelligence Matters

Shadow Talk Threat Intelligence Podcast

Militia Intelligence Report

Podcasts on Security and Surveillance:


  • A podcast series on campus security and access control. Follows the issues universities and college face when it comes to security. Interview with experts in the industry as well as students.
  • 5 episode podcast.

Access Control

National Security Podcast

Hackstock (In French)

Discussion with the Digital Courage Network (In German)

AI & Security podcast

Podcasts on Organized Crime:

The History of Organized Crime


Law enforcement and Counter-terrorism in the Digital Age

Gangland Wire

Hunting Warhead

Podcasts on Criminal Justice:

Is there Really Truth and Justice for All?

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