Corporate & Financial Investigations

MadPI Consulting & Investigations, can help you mitigate risks, reduce substantial losses, and protect your corporate assets.

Over the years, we worked with large international and national corporations, small business, and federal, provincial and municipal departments across Quebec and Ontario. All our investigators have experience testifying in court.

We access various databanks, conduct an in-depth open source intelligence (OSINT) gathering, solvency and financial research, use covert tactics, and engage other investigative means to assist investigations in the following matters:

Executive Integrity | Internal Theft | Drugs & Alcohol | Employee Integrity & Morale | Undercover Investigations | Counterfeit Products | Trademark/Copyright | Intellectual Property Infringement | Non-Compete Agreements | Due Diligence | Executive, Investor, Potential Partner Background | Lawsuits | Bankruptcies | Asset Search, Lawsuits, Liens & Judgment Execution | Corporate Information | Business Ventures | Fraud | Mergers & Acquisitions | Social Media Privacy | False Accusation & Character Deformation | Conflict Resolution | Workplace Violence | Bullying | Sexual Harassment | Civil Rights Violations | Physical Aggression | Security Assessment | Sabotage & Strikes | Crowd Control | Computer Fraud | Embezzlement | False Billing | Industrial Espionage | Loss of Productivity | Time Theft | Property Protection | Interviews & Formal Statements.

We will provide you with a comprehensive report, outlining detailed description of all activities, with superior-quality photographic, video, audio, and any other collected evidence.

Contact Us for a Free and No Obligation Consultation as soon as you learn about the incident or an oncoming conflict. The sooner we get engaged, the better are the chances of its efficient investigation and successful resolution.