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with exceptional assets across Canada, USA & Internationally


MadPI Consulting & Investigations, is committed to deliver factual evidence in a cost-effective and timely manner, while remaining within the guidelines of confidentiality, ethical and legal principles.

What we do: We investigate to obtain proof and gather information, analyze our findings to formulate the best strategies, and then employ it to deliver the necessary results. At MadPI we mitigate your risks, protect your interests and reputation, and as a result, save you time and money.

How we work: No case is too big or too small for us. We are very flexible, and what we can do for you is not limited to the categories listed. We will be happy to rig to other special requests accordingly.

Costs: We like bringing more value to our clients for less without sacrificing the quality. Our rates are fair, competitive, and correspond to the capabilities of our investigators and resources; we reduce our rates to higher volume; and in most cases, we help you avoid charges for night shifts, weekends, and holidays.

What you get: Upon completion, we provide court-ready comprehensive reports describing every step of the investigation, along with superior-quality photographic, video, audio, and any other collected evidence.

We assist national and international Corporate, Legal, and Insurance establishments in the most complex and sensitive matters, and offer proactive and reactive solutions protecting our client’s interests. Whether you’re in crisis or working to implement mitigating strategies in the future, we could help enhance your business performance and ensure operational continuity.

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MadPI Consulting & Investigations, is licensed in and services Provinces of Québec and Ontario from Montréal, Toronto and Ottawa. National across Canada and Global competent services are also provided. We are fully bonded, protected by liability insurance, and comply with PIPEDA and GDPR.

Several former senior members of CSIS, RCMP, DEA, FBI, military and local police departments act on our advisory board.

Our clients call us Private Investigator, Private Eye, PI, Private Detective, Investigative Consultant, Gumshoe, Private Dick, Flatfoot, Spy, Doctor MadPI, etc. But regardless of our noms de guerre, we’re exceptionally well trained professionals in our industry.

We are highly regarded by clients and industry partners around the world for our creative approach, intelligent solutions, and invaluable deliverables. We are certified members of CII, an elite professional group of investigators located around the world; NALI, the National Association of Legal Investigators; ASIS International, the world’s largest organization for security management professionals; CAP, Canadian Association of Legal Assistants; CPIRC and CPIO; and accredited by the Council of Better Business Bureaus, a select group of businesses committed to high standards and best practices in customer service, sales, advertising, data privacy, and ethics.