private detective supports lawyers or paralegals

Interpretation of law, and consequently, the chance of winning a case in court, is only as good as the information you have and how well you can use it. Private investigators can’t control the later. But we surely know how to control the former.

Information is power. It’s has been so for thousands of years, and it will always be. Information and its objective analysis is what makes or breaks business ventures, families, and even countries. To stay ahead in the game, to predict possible outcomes, to defend against false accusations, to deliver justice where it matters, and simply to uncover the facts, you need information. To deliver it, is our specialty.

Also, due to our diverse education, knowledge and experience, we have different mental models, and can show you a contrasting perspective on the case. By employing creativity and innovation, we can help you spot (and gather evidence to prove or disprove it) links between previously unrelated dates or events, and generate new ideas. Improving your vision and ultimately, when nothing else seems to be working, your decision making capability at the most crucial moment, be it in court or in mediation, is what makes us your robust weapon.

1. Investigations. We do it better!

Lawyers are great when it comes to shine in front of a judge and present stacks of papers on the opposition’s table. However, private investigators are much better at locating and interviewing witnesses, knocking on doors and acquiring confidential information. We have a personality to match the skills and people open up to us for the same reason they avoid lawyers like a plague. Besides, a lawyer cannot be a good witness to their own case. That’s what we’re here for.

If you don’t want to lose a witness, hire a private investigator from the start!

2. Reviewing police reports

Sometimes, elementary information such as names of witnesses who potentially might provide a more detailed information, addresses and places nearby that can provide an angle of view to a better understanding of the case, and other information that police didn’t write down due to negligence, busy work schedule, or because the information was going against their notion of what happened, on top of many other inconsistencies and lack of details that police repots are famous for, might be exactly what you need to win your case. At the end of the day, it’s better to do the extra review of the file and the leg work and thus maximize the chances of your preparedness, than not.

Our private investigators, ex-police, RCMP and SQ officers know how to help with this!

3. We have access to more resources

Private investigators are still better at doing the background checks, searching archives and internet void for open source information (OSINT), conducting asset searches to determine the ability of paying the judgement, and often finding key pieces through social skills that are simply not available in any databases. Here is a very basic illustration: does your legal assistant run a criminal and civil check through SOQUIJ (a Quebec judicial database) and believes it to be comprehensive? Think again! So many law firms use it religiously while so many records aren’t there. But we know that, and many other important things, and

we know where and how to get it right.

4. Video evidence that shatters opposition

Properly recorded video of subject’s criminal or otherwise questionable/ inappropriate activities is the best type of evidence you can present in front of a judge. Anyone can take a video with a phone, but will it be clear enough and just as irrefutable? But a professionally taken time/date stamped quality HD video by a licenced investigator can hardly be argued against.

Private investigators have the skills and the equipment to provide a new impartial perspective on your case.

5. Computer forensics

In today’s world, a word typed is worth more than a word spoken. Collecting digital evidence is something we know all about. We can analyze the electronic devices and can recover deleted files, browsing history, telephone logs, photos, chats, emails, banking transactions and statements, and the timeline of online activity. But while looking for digital evidence we can also help close all the loopholes that the opposing party might be using to discover that evidence to delete it and to protect themselves.

6. Fees

As they say, there is a grain of truth in a joke. What’s the difference between a lawyer and a herd of buffalo? – A lawyer charges more. But that’s not the case when it comes to private investigators. Our fees are much lower and we bill for worked hours and not for administrative procedures. Especially when the cost is a factor, for the price of two hours of lawyer’s time, we can put in six to ten hours! And if a lawyer decides not to hire an investigator to save on the fees, while missing out on finding the facts, all we can say is ‘god speed’ for swinging your client’s case on luck and circumstances.

Being prepared is being smart, and your clients will thank you for it!

7. Little things decide cases!

Private investigators are all about objective concrete evidence. It’s a second pair of unbiased eyes and brains that can provide new ideas, develop new leads, and obtain new evidence. We connect the dots between various pieces of information and put it together to strengthen your legal arguments in depositions and trials.

Whether you’re a lawyer or a client, for all the reasons listed above, if you care about your case and want to save time, money and emotions in the long run, give a call to a private investigator to discuss your case.