UNIART Dispenser

It’s been over a year since we unwillingly entered this vicious pandemic which has affected all of us in myriad of ways. We’ve lost lives, jobs, and opportunities to travel and experience what we generally were accustomed to and used to take for granted. Most of us took this pandemic stoically and faced new and unexpected challenges associated with it with bravery and creativity, and we’ve persevered, and we’ve succeeded. But by now, everyone without exception is really, really, really fed up with the way things are and want the ‘normal’ back.

That’s why, today I would like to introduce you to a very unique and innovative project which I’m proud to have been a part of from the very beginning. A good friend of mine, Alex, the main brain (and hands) behind this project, has invited me onboard of this new and exciting adventure which brought so much joy and new experiences into my life. I’ve met amazing new people, acquired new knowledge, but most importantly, I feel that we have contributed to making a difference in the community. We have helped many schools, hospitals, restaurants, dealerships, and many other different businesses, to continue their operations and to serve their employees and customers safely, reliably, and in style. We’ve had amazing feedback and it’s remarkable how much happier I feel knowing that!

Since our government has finally been slowly opening up the economy, UniArt is looking forward to helping new businesses and institutions that opened its doors to remain within the safest and healthiest possible range of “normality”. The UniArt’s Dispenser has been developed and produced in Canada by clever folks with years of experience in security and IoT, and is the first and the only sanitizing dispenser in North-America equipped with Remote Cloud Monitoring and Security Integration features, among several others. Both of these features are extremely convenient and reliable and allow businesses to save on the already stretched budgets and precious employee time on maintenance and repair. The headache and frustration usually associated with sanitizing dispensers which constantly break down, require replacement of disposable cartridges, batteries, and other components, are eliminated in the UniArt’s Dispenser. Its robust features allow employees to concentrate on other more important tasks in their businesses and pay better attention to their customers and quality of the customer service they provide.


You can read more about the Remote Cloud Monitoring and other amazing specifications of this dispenser online at uniart.ca. But since I’m a security professional after all, I will introduce you to the Security Integration feature and will explain what it means and how it works and who would love to benefit from it.

In today’s affairs, customers and employees take extra precautions to protect themselves from viruses and bacteria and demand an elevated level of care and awareness from the businesses and institutions. Even after everything will go back to normal, the ‘normal’ itself will never be the same. The precautionary mindfulness will not go away, and people will continue to demand extra sanitary measures. Having a preventative option at the entrance without scaring customers or employees is a soft approach that can be implemented with the UniArt’s Dispenser. Simple installation at the entrance allows people to sanitize their hands at will and proceed inside quickly. But for those premises that demand a much higher level of hygiene, such as food processing plants, manufacturing facilities, schools, office buildings, airports, governments institutions, hospitals, medical laboratories, clinics, or a “ for authorised persons only” areas, a more compulsory sanitation approach might be needed.

UNIART Dispenser
UNIART Dispenser

Most of such premises today already have some sort of access control systems in place. These systems allow employers to restrict access, vary levels of security depending on needs and clearances, track individual identities who have entered certain access points, provide with analytics on internal movements and alert on suspicious activity. In these settings, the UniArt’s Dispenser brings in a new component into the set-up. Unless one sanitizes their hands using the UniArt’s Dispenser, the doors will not open and the access won’t be granted, regardless of the person’s level of clearance or position within the organisation.

Once the UniArt’s Dispenser is integrated into the access control system, and the integration itself is a breeze, the risk of someone entering with contaminated hands is lowered substantially, if not eliminated completely. The quality and the appeal of the spraying system used in all of the UniArt’s Dispensers enhances people’s desire to use it and increases the overall cleanliness in the given environment. What’s more, there is no need to have an extra person at the door with a sanitizing bottle, thus bringing a human factor down to a minimum.


The UniArt’s Dispenser is the smartest sanitizing dispenser in the world. It was designed to deliver sophisticated security solution and to work together seamlessly with almost any security system on the market today. It was specifically intended to ensure control of hygienic conditions inside a perimeter and provide additional level of security in current times while automatically preventing contamination of any restricted environment. It’s a dual level of security unavailable anywhere else. The sheer reliability of the dispenser, the sleek design and the ease of use, make it an unparalleled solution for any hygiene conscious institution.

UNIART Dispenser

To receive more information or to get a quote, reach out to Alex at info@uniart.ca