Strategic and Efficient Global Reach

Being part of an elite group of international investigators, the most professional and capable corporations in the world, is not only an honour, but also an advantage! Through our tightly-knit and trustworthy network of unique affiliations with leading investigative and security agencies across Canada, United States, Mexico, Caribbean, South America, Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Australia (125 countries!) we ensure broad reach, hassle-free quality service, safety and confidentiality of our clients.

Via partners in our extensive network we can coordinate files globally. Our partners speak native to these countries languages, and are familiar with the local customs and laws. We’re strategically positioned to deliver objective and critical intelligence to our clients!


Large Corporations & SMEs, Local & International Law Firms, Private Equity & Hedge Funds, Financial Institutions, Insurance & Accounting Firms, Commercial & Investment Banks, High-net-worth Individuals, Think Tanks & Research Organisations, Medical & Educational Institutions, Fortune 500 Companies, Governmental & Regulatory Bodies

We will travel to where the case will lead us.
We will work together with our colleagues around the globe, and will oversee every international investigation assignment personally
to guarantee your satisfaction.