High-Risk Termination - Corporate Investigative Services

Firing an employee that exhibited violent, harassing or intimidating behaviour in the work place is never an easy undertaking. If you wish to terminate such an employee, this will likely result in a high-risk termination situation. If handled without care, things can escalate quickly, and the employee may potentially become more violent or aggressive. Instead of a relatively easy controllable procedure you will have to deal with a case that your insurance, union and / or your law team will not appreciate very much.

When dealing with high-risk termination, it is best to consult with a third-party company that specializes in high-risk termination in order to assure that these situations are handled safely for everyone. There have been many reported incidents of workplace violence due to terminations that have gone wrong. Employees have called, visited and ‘accidently met’ with the other employees at their homes, public areas and near or in the office, that resulted in police charges, physically injured parties, damaged property, expensive insurance claims, medical bills, bad business publicity, raised concerns in current employees, and union strikes. This is why extra attention must be paid when dealing with a high-risk termination.

Our team of skilled and experienced experts are trained in non-violent crisis intervention, employee protection, and conflict de-escalation techniques, and can help you prepare for high-risk termination. We can assess threat and risk levels and prepare a plan that will mitigate risks and protect your employees and business. We work alongside your human resources, management and security teams, and law enforcement (if need be), to reduce chances of workplace violence, to reduce any liability to your organization, and to ensure that the termination goes smoothly and peacefully. We can determine certain factors that would be best when conducting the termination i.e. when should the termination be done, who should be present, prepare the environment for safety, how to avoid retaliation etc. and we can ensure that the employee will be escorted out of the building by trained professionals with skills in non-violent intervention techniques.

Sometimes high-risk terminations are not over once the employee has been terminated and leaves the building. Some people may stay angry and build up resentment and then decide to retaliate as soon as they leave the business location. We can provide discreet surveillance services to monitor their activity and to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Post-termination surveillance can be done for a specific period of time or until your organization and its employees feel comfortable.

When dealing with high-risk termination, it is best to plan ahead and to address all the necessary precautions prior to the D-day. Involving a third-party company to assist with this process can make a big difference in the outcome of the situation. It is your duty to ensure the safety of your employees and we can guide you through the termination process to make sure that everything goes well!