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MadPI Consulting & Investigations, engages only the leading experts in the fields of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), Data Privacy & Destruction, Digital Forensics, Communication Security & Intercept, and Network Traffic Analysis. Our specialists have over 30 years of dedicated experience, law-enforcement background, advanced scientific degrees, and proficiency testifying in court as an expert witness.

  • We’ll respond to the immediate cyber threats to secure your digital environment
  • We’ll train your staff to better understand and respond to the latest cyber risks
  • We’ll assess and develop an ongoing cyber policy to protect your business and persons against industrial espionage, whistleblowers, unlawful digital surveillance, ransomware attacks, contract violations, etc.
  • We’ll travel everywhere in Canada to provide TSCM services to municipal, provincial and federal government agencies as well as to our corporate clients

We have recently updated our technical capabilities to exceed the present capabilities of most Canadian and USA Federal Government sweep teams. We can monitor and easily detect analog, digital, and digital spread spectrum signals from 0-30GHz at a speed of up to 32THz.

Our equipment is blazing fast and reliable!


 Providing Government of Canada Authorized TSSA TSCM Sweeps 

Classified forums, Sensitive Discussion Areas(SDA) and Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities(SCIF) all require timely, periodic and effective Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) ‘sweeps’ for security accreditation.

The growth of secure facilities in the past decade has outpaced the availability and timeliness of Government sweep teams. That is why our TSCM team has been authorized to perform TSCM sweeps of conferences, forums, SDAs and SCIFs where SECRET and TOP SECRET information is contained/discussed.

Our expert team is cleared TSSA and possesses the latest state of the art tools including the fastest TSCM receiver in the world.  They have over 50 years of combined experience delivering TSCM services to public and private sector client, including those in enterprise, legal, financial, government, and law enforcement.

Our TSCM team is skilled across a broad range of communications technologies including information technology security specialists, Radio Frequency (RF) threat specialists, as well as, specialists in optical, audible signal, analog and various modes of digital communication technologies.

Our state of the art capabilities, enhanced Five-Eyes Threat information and decades of experience are ready now, to support your organization.

Our technical team offers a complete policy compliant sweep capability up to and including real-time, 24×7 monitoring, intrusion prevention, detection, and response technology. Our highly portable in-place monitoring solution alerts organizations to RF threats, classifies signals, analyzes wireless devices, interference, RF vector attacks and dozens of other threats that can cripple the integrity of a SCIF.

It can be set up and deployed in less than two hours and provide better than one meter accuracy inside conference rooms including analysis of LTE uplink signals!

Our industry leading deployment methodology ensures affordable and comprehensive protection. It is specifically tailored to classified environments and supports government security policies and certification and accreditation. Our team’s capabilities are designed and deployed to detect the broadest spectrum of threats to wireless networks and to take action with graduated layers of threat response.

Each sweep provides an intuitive sweep report giving full disclosure of all threats and anomalies, making it easy for Security Officers to make the right decisions while reducing uncertainties and improving risk management decisions.

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Our expert team is highly experienced in exposing financial cyber crimes and fraud schemes. We’ll track, trace and investigate cryptocurrency transactions and/or crypto fraud.

We’ll provide actionable intelligence and ultimately recover funds for private individuals, investors, corporations and law firms even in the most complex schemes, exchange hacks, and other challenging crimes.

We’ll review the timeline and events of the scheme in order to understand whether there is material evidence of crime; determine the true identity and location of the parties; conduct due diligence and full background check into their identities; and will provide evidence in a comprehensive report which could be used by police for prosecution or by legal team for court purposes.

Depending on the complexity of the crime and technical sophistication of the perpetrators, we may require subpoenas and other legal mechanisms in local and foreign jurisdictions, and therefore, we’re highly selective in choosing our cases. We’ll only conduct cryptocurrency investigations where a positive outcome for our clients will have a high likelihood of attainment.

We can also provide on-site or remote security training to minimise the chances of being a victim of likely preventable scams and security disasters.


Our experts have solutions to develop secure communication strategies for your offices, employees, or mobile devices, regardless of the location:

Voice Encryption and Secure Mobile Messaging | Data Encryption | Data Privacy | Data Destruction | Network Segregation | Audit Preparation Guidance | Network Traffic Analysis | Security IT | SSD Rehabilitation.

Legal Communication Intercept: Canadian employers are legally entitled to monitor business communications (in accordance with federal and provincial laws). Properly deployed communication intercept technology can legally detect employee dishonesty or compromised security. We can guide you in how to intercept and process communications, using automated technologies to collect, scan, classify and report policy violations or data exfiltration events in real time, without violating employee privacy rights.


Debugging & Eavesdropping for office, home, off-site meetings and events, vehicle, boat, and airplane.

Our experts are highly skilled technologists and communications specialists trained and equipped with latest government grade resources to effectively detect and neutralise threat from all modes of analog and digital communication technologies (compromised end point hardware; illicit use of integrated services; redirection or mirroring of network conversations; unauthorised network devices; detection of unauthorised end point data traffic; interception of end point video or audio / back channel communications).

We’re equipped to rapidly detect and locate embedded, inactive, remote controlled or hidden technology, down to the tiniest of devices, even those buried within any object, including clocks, toys, furniture, walls, and ceilings.


Social Media Surveillance | Digital Forensics Analysis (workstations, laptops, mobile phones, and network hardware) | Electronic Communication Devices (cell phones, tablets, pagers, etc) | Data Recovery (lost, deleted or destroyed data from spinning disks, flash or SSD storage hardware) | Compromise in Local or Distributed Networks | Rogue Devices | Illicit Use of Integrated Devices | Interception of Backchannel Communication.


Telephonic, Computer, Premise Security | Access Control | CCTV | Security Systems | Protective Hardware | Micro-Dot Technology for Brand & Asset Protection | Threat & Vulnerability Assessments | Covert Video & Audio Recording | Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices & Full Vehicular Control | Aerial Drone Video/Photo Reconnaissance & Intelligence Collection | Online Privacy Check and Reputation Analysis.

Don’t wait until the damage is done!