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    At MadPI Consulting & Investigations, we employ diverse arsenal of special fact-gathering aids and devices to help achieve desired results. We are equipped to handle any off road environment, volatile and harsh weather conditions, sporting events and many recreational activities. When necessary, we can also provide Remote, Aerial, Nautical / Underwater, Snowmobile, and Motorcycle Surveillance.

    We can also design and integrate bespoke video / audio recording systems to acquire date and time stamped evidence.

    GPS Systems (real-time and logged) have the ability to monitor in real time precise movements of mobile assets. They are quick and easy to instal, provide enhanced protection and tracing, with battery life up to 2 years, jam-resistant/unable-to-disable, and work in Canada & USA on 3G & 4G networks! The units are small, portable and can be installed in seconds. Reports may include detailed positions, images of locations, speed of assets and distance travelled.

    However, our biggest advantage, comes from the skills and experience of our surveillance investigators. We’re highly trained in Mobile, Foot, and Static Surveillance, as well as in Counter Surveillance Measures.

    Surveillance Investigation to Obtain Evidence

    We will conduct surveillance investigation to obtain evidence in hotels and restaurants, at vacation hot spots, during conferences, parties and celebrations, at entertainment and sporting events, and in remote and rural areas. Whether we need to put on a bowtie, sip martinis and play poker, or put on construction boots, sport a measuring tape and a hammer, we will infiltrate virtually any environment to get the job done.

    At the end of the investigation, we will provide a comprehensive report with superior-quality photographic, video, audio, and any other collected evidence which will be admissible in court.

    HUMINT Operations to Obtain Evidence

    As a step further, and in order to obtain evidence not always directly available through surveillance, we use HUMINT operations (a category of intelligence derived from information collected and provided by human sources). We go deeper to uncover intelligence such as specific knowledge and sensitive information, personal or business relationships and networks of interest, through interpersonal contact with neutral, friendly, or hostile sources. We may conduct interviews and have rehearsed or improvised conversations with persons who have access to information, and may or may not be witting of their involvement in the collection of information.

    Special Surveillance Unit (SSU)

    Do you ever need to acquire critical information and you don’t want to take any chances?
    Is it a one-time opportunity and you can’t risk not getting the evidence?
    Is it an impossible set-up or must be done in a remote area/ in severe conditions?

    Then let our Special Surveillance Unit handle it!

    After a thorough preliminary assessment, if we commit to work on the case:

    • There won’t be any maybes, ifs or buts.
    • No excuses or justifications.
    • We’ll get it done right!