As a firm of robust principles and values, we successfully enforce the following guidelines while providing services to our clients.

To be:

  • Effective;
  • Ethical;
  • Lawful;
  • Useful in meeting the intended objective(s);
  • Minimally disruptive to the client’s personal life, organization and its operations;
  • Able to provide feedback on procedure/policy deviations; and
  • Value added, providing the highest return on investment without compromising the investigation.

No case is too big or too small for us. We are very flexible and resourceful. We know how to obtain information and are equipped to produce outstanding results.

We access various databanks, perform solvency and financial research, conduct an in-depth open source intelligence (OSINT) gathering, human intelligence-gathering (HUMINT), surveillance, lawful covert operations, and engage other investigative means to discover the truth and provide our clients with necessary outcomes.


Facts & Evidence
Professionalism & Integrity
Exceptional Customer Service
Efficient Turn Around Times
Fair & Competitive Rates
Privacy, Security & Confidentiality

❛❛ My experience with MadPI was just perfect! From the very beginning they developed a strategy that successfully achieved my goals. They are very professional and reliable. I highly recommend them! ❜❜

Francis, Business Owner, Montreal, QC

❛❛ MadPI understands clients’ needs, and has acquired essential evidence in a number of my cases. I highly recommend them to my colleagues and anyone else in need of efficient investigators! ❜❜

Julia, Melekhovets Law, Toronto, ON

❛❛ MadPI helped our company catch the employee and his accomplices who stole our factory equipment. It wasn’t easy, and it took some time, but justice has been served! Thank you for your knowledge, great service, and amazing results! ❜❜

M. W., Vice President, New York, NY

❛❛ We express unconditional gratitude to MadPI for their professionalism, confidentiality, and everything else they have done, to get us out of a few very difficult situations. You can trust them with anything, I highly recommend them! ❜❜

Tatiana L., Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC

❛❛ MadPI provided great support during a conflict we had with one of our employees. They dealt with difficult people, acquired vital info, and protected our company. We’ll keep you in mind for any other investigative and security consulting needs. ❜❜

Mike Sm., CEO, Ottawa, ON

❛❛ You guys did an amazing job locating our claimant and then proving she was a fraud! Great video and report! Great communication! I will be using you again! Thank you, really! ❜❜

Steph, Senior Adjuster, Ottawa, ON

❛❛ If it wasn’t for you MadPI, I would have ended up paying big $ in fraudulent fees. I really appreciate your great work on my case! Thank you, once again! ❜❜

Nick V., St-Leonard, QC

❛❛ Thank you for locating my ex-husband, proving his income, and helping me get child support from him! Thank you for your kindness and patience! ❜❜

Jessica, Calgary, AB

❛❛ MadPI has exceeded our expectations with professionalism and integrity. We’re very pleased with the result of all three phases of the investigation. We’re prepared to recommend your business to any client. ❜❜

Giuseppe & Francesco, G&F, Toronto, ON

❛❛ I’m a human trafficking survivor. My parents reached out to MadPI at their most desperate when I was going straight down the rabbit hole without a safety line. Roman worked out an amazing strategy to get me out from the whirlpool of drugs, sex trade, abusive behaviour and toxic associations. If it wasn’t for him, who knows how my life would have turned out and how deep in trouble I would have been, if not dead. Roman became friends with my whole family and years since, we’re still in touch and I’m so grateful for everything he did and continues doing. I can’t thank him and his team enough! You can trust MadPI with your most sensitive and precious at the most crucial time in your life and he will not let you down! ❜❜

A.W., Montreal, QC

❛❛ I just wanted to send you a note and thank you from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of my whole family. We can’t even express our gratitude for your help and dedication in locating our girl. We know there’s a long road ahead for her, but with the right support we are hopeful there are better days ahead. Just so thankful she’s home and safe with her parents now. You were a true professional and I’m so grateful for all that you did!!!!! Thank you thank you. ❜❜

Kate, Toronto, ON


Private investigation agency services - personal investigatios

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ANSWERS? We gather information, analyze it to formulate best strategies, and then employ it to deliver the necessary results. All your communication with us is PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL.

Private investigation agency services - legal investigations montreal

Private Investigators know legal procedures and have the ability to view evidence from a different angle. We often have access to alternate resources and may receive critical information sooner than law enforcement agencies.

Private investigation agency services - corporate investigations montreal

INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS for your business and corporate needs. WE CAN HELP WITH Due Diligence, Background Checks, Asset Search, IP Infringement, Financial Crime, Internal Theft, IT and Digital Security.