COVID-19 Fine-Tuned Services from Private Investigator

MadPI Consulting & Investigations has fine-tuned some of its services to help corporation and small businesses better manage their day to day operations during this global pandemic. Criminal groups and scammers target new opportunities to capitalise on fear of the unknown.

We are well equipped to deliver efficient services during these turbulent times. Our experience in stressful situations and fast-paced high-risk environments can save your business vital resources, time and money.

We’re considered “COVID-19 Essential Services” by the provincial government of the Provinces Quebec and Ontario in Canada and therefore we continue to provide uninterrupted professional services while implementing necessary precautions and minimising health risks to our employees, subcontractors, clients and general public.

We Offer:

Pre-Employment Verification  comprehensive background check of prospective upper and senior level candidates – we’ll conduct additional inquiries, retrieve records and develop more detailed intelligence which will allow you to make better business decisions.

Corporate & Financial Investigations Intellectual Property Infringement, Trademark/Copyright, Counterfeit Products, Industrial Espionage, Employee Integrity & Morale, Malingering Employees, Breached Contracts and Sabotaged/Predatory Business Practices, Internal Theft & Vandalism, Fraud, Loss of Productivity & Time Theft – we access various databanks, conduct an in-depth open source intelligence (OSINT) gathering, solvency and financial research, use covert tactics, and engage other investigative means to assist investigations.

Asset Search we obtain corporate records data (details of company ownership, directorships, and shareholdings); legal and financial profiles, court records, regulatory and licensing checks, solvency and credit profiles; assessment of net worth, and more.

Cyber Investigations  due to rapid increase in cybercrime, now it is more pertinent than ever, to protect your assets and infrastructure. We’ll respond to the immediate cyber threats to secure your digital environment. We’ll train your staff to better understand and respond to the latest cyber risks. We’ll assess and develop an ongoing cyber policy to protect your business and persons against industrial espionage, whistleblowers, unlawful digital surveillance, ransomware attacks, contract violations, etc.

Premise & Asset Security indoor/outdoor video cameras, motion detectors, alarm/security systems, keyless access, lighting, perimeter protection, physical risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities, GPS Tracking Systems (battery life up to 2 years, jam-resistant/unable-to-disable, small, portable and instal in seconds).

Legal Assistance  for corporate and legal sectors as well as private individuals – Criminal, Corporate, Family & Civil Matters; Financial Research & Asset Locates; Digital Forensics etc – we’ll conduct research of various databanks and gather an in-depth open source intelligence (OSINT), employ covert tactics and other investigative means to discover imperative information in support of your defence or litigation, and investigate to identify true perpetrators.

Background Check and Locates – we’re highly skilled in obtaining wide variety of information for private, legal and corporate purposes through open source intelligence (OSINT) gathering, access to various databanks, covert tactics, and additional investigative sources.

Surveillance – we can still conduct covert surveillance and use other measures to secure your corporate assets and follow perpetrators in internal theft, executive integrity, malingering, fraud, and intellectual property infringement cases. While many employees will be working from home now, not everyone will respect work ethics and restrictions. We can help identify these weak links in your companies and secure your business continuation.

Discreet Courier – Need a courier you can trust? We will deliver your package or documents swiftly and confidentially!

Appropriate to COVID-19 measures, we’re offering some of our services at a reduced rate to help you offset costs associated with staying healthy, safe and secure.

Contact us, we know how to help you! +1 888 61 MadPI (6-2374) or