Criminal Defence & Litigation Support

Let MadPI Consulting & Investigations help prepare you for the best possible defence and help you acquire the edge in:

Criminal, Corporate, Family & Civil Matters | Child Custody | Wrongful Convictions | Pre-Trial Assistance | Document Verification | Financial Research & Asset Locates | Intellectual Property | Undercover Operations | Damage Analysis | Medical Malpractice.

We conduct research of various databanks and gather an in-depth open source intelligence (OSINT), employ covert tactics and other investigative means to discover imperative information in support of your defence or litigation.

Our detectives, ex-law-enforcement officers with excellent records and extensive experience, will methodically analyse the evidence that you present us with, such as police reports, photos, and written statements. We may then inspect the crime scene to discover any details that could have been overlooked. We will interview known witnesses to evaluate the consistency of their stories, and possibly identify other potential witnesses or uncover new evidence. We will gather additional details and connect all the missing links. We think outside the box and often come up with unexpected disclosures that were overseen before.

Contact Us if you need a competent advice from a law-enforcement officer, legal practitioner, expert witness, social worker, psychologist, or someone with street smarts!