7 Reasons Why Lawyers Need Private Investigators


While lawyers are the winning Jedi in the realm of legal issues surrounding the case, private investigators are the clandestine instruments who provide the missing links that make the lawyers’ legal wisdom in the case, certifiable.

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Welcome aboard the MadPI LogBook!


Introducing our new blog page dedicated to help our clients and readers get a better understanding of the private investigation industry, the profession and our agency. We hope that this information will help you in your personal lives, businesses and other successes. We will now be posting regularly about cases, professional tips, news, [...]

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Why Hire a Private Investigator in a Criminal Defence Case?


Despite our comparatively advanced, lenient, and transparent criminal justice system, things don’t always happen exactly as prescribed by the law. The prosecution uses police officers and investigators employed by the crown. Which in itself, is not a bad thing, and that is how things are and probably should be, until we develop a [...]

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Choosing a Private Investigator


Hiring a private investigator can be an emotional and exhausting undertaking. The distinction between a good company and a bad one can cost you dearly in a financial sense, in a lost court trial, or ruined life and reputation. Therefore, you’re better to do comprehensive research before trusting someone with your case. Although some cases do [...]

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The WHO, the HOW and the WHY of the private investigation industry


There is always a lot of confusion as to WHO the private investigators are, HOW they conduct their work, and WHY would you need one at all? The answer is much simpler than you can imagine. WHO are the private investigators? First of all, we are independent professionals, accredited [...]

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