Conflict Resolution & Strategic Counselling

MadPI Consulting & Investigations, will help you get a steady grip at the helm, will help rescue you from the conflict, and will help prevent casualties. After that, we will help you move on, so that you will navigate your future with new, and improved strategic tools.

By applying psychological and criminological theories, ancient wisdom principles and experience, we assist individuals and organisations in identifying and understanding mindsets, motivations, and intentions, in order to predict probabilities and counter behaviour of individuals who display undesirable, threatening or potentially dangerous character traits, in threat and violence risk assessment, investigations, and other situations.

We have extensive experience dealing with very diverse types of situations: from internal corporate conflicts, union challenges, and business disputes to disagreements with in-laws and pains of raising up teenagers. With our unique perspective, we take into consideration psychological and physical characteristics, social, cultural, and physical environments, that support, influence and develop personalities and relationships. Whether you are an individual, family, small business, or corporation, we can help you clarify your situation, find the right solution, and prepare you to deal with it in the most optimal for YOU personalised, non-accusatory and constructive, approach.

Every client and each case is very important to us. You can be assured, that you will be accepted without judgment and prejudice, no matter what struggles you might be going through. Crimes and hostile relationships can cause severe damage to emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. The insensitive, uninformed, or inadequate community and criminal justice system responses often retraumatise and perpetuate victimisation. We, on the other hand, create a trusting relationship and promote open communication, in order to help you learn, heal, and grow.

We can help you in the following situations:

Corporate Conflict Resolution | Improve Relationships with Spouses, Friends, Family, Business Partners, Colleagues & Chronically Difficult Personalities | Child Custody | Sexual Assault | Child Pornography | Sextortion | Domestic Violence | Workplace Violence | Stress | Anxiety | Anger Management | Depression | Adolescent Counseling | Personal Growth & Maturity | Fitness Advice | Healthy Eating | Safe Travelling | Meditation | Drug & Alcohol Abuse.

Contact Us for a Free and No Obligation Consultation if you need help navigating in an oncoming or in an already occurring conflict; if you feel trapped in an uncomfortable or unfair situation; if your relationship or business partnership is not going the way you feel you deserve; if you want to save on legal fees and lower the chances of litigation; in any other uncertain situation. Your complete privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed!

We will help you to remain calm, loving, healthy, and productive amidst the unpredictable storms of life!