Client Service Terms

Thank you for choosing MadPI Consulting & Investigations.

These terms will apply to any service you engage us, and are subject to any other terms you and MadPI Consulting & Investigations may agree upon in the future.

We look forward to working with you.


Accessing, or using, the Site, or contacting us, does not constitute a professional-client, or any other form of relationship. No contract subsists until the order is accepted. The order can be refused for any reason, and any goods/services can be withdrawn, and/or terminated at any time. You may terminate your engagement of us for any reason by giving us written notice to that effect. On such termination, all unpaid fees and disbursements become immediately due and payable, whether or not an account for them has yet been issued.

Our hourly rates are adjusted periodically to reflect experience, capability and seniority of our professionals and staff, as well as general economic factors. At your request, we will provide you with more specific details on our rates. The hourly rates, the prices of any services, and any other costs associated with the services, are subject to change at any time. Our final fee may take into account other factors, including: the experience, reputation and abilities of those rendering our services; the amount at issue; particularly favourable results obtained; time limitations imposed by you or by the circumstances of the matter; and whether working on the matter will preclude or limit us from rendering services to other clients. Our fees will not be affected by the failure of a transaction to be completed.

In addition to our professional fees, our accounts may include disbursements incurred by us on your behalf, such as long-distance telephone charges, photocopying and facsimile charges; charges for courier, messenger and other communication services; rental equipment or vehicle fees; computer database access; charges for legal research; travel expenses; postage; filing fees paid to government agencies; and other out-of-pocket costs incurred on your behalf.

Refunds are not generally provided when a service was contracted. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, all consultations, appointments, investigations, or any other services will be invoiced and must be paid fully 72 hours in advance of the scheduled service. Cancellations and/or re-scheduling of any consultations, appointments, investigations, or any other services, less than 24 (72) hours in advance, are subject to a 100% (50%) rate of the consultation, appointment, investigation, or the service, and/or billed at an hourly rate specified during the agreement. All final invoices and outstanding balances will be subject to 3% monthly interest rate from the date of issue and delivery. These charges are set in place to protect situations in which a loss of work opportunity may present itself and cannot be regained in the specified amount of time. All international billing will be charged in US dollars and will include applicable taxes.

The scope of our role for each specific matter you entrust to us will be confirmed in continued communications between us as work progresses. MadPI Consulting & Investigations will not expand the scope of our engagement without instructions from you, that these services will be included in the engagement. Our role is to provide advice and services to you. Although we will use every effort to help you achieve your personal and business objectives for any transaction or other matter, you should rely on your internal experts or other external advisors for personal and business advice.

MadPI Consulting & Investigations will not accept instructions from anyone within your family or organization, unless you instruct us otherwise. Unless we have specifically agreed otherwise in writing, in acting for you, we are not acting for or taking on any responsibilities, obligations or duties to any of your related persons or entities (such as your shareholders, directors or officers, parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, joint venturers or fellow members of a trade association or other organization, family members, relatives, friends, etc), and no investigator/professional-client, or other fiduciary relationship exists between MadPI Consulting & Investigations and any such related persons or entities.

MadPI Consulting & Investigations has clients who rely upon us for general representation and clients to whom we provide representation regarding discrete matters. It is possible that an adverse relationship may exist or may develop in the future between you and another of our clients. In retaining us, you consent and agree that MadPI Consulting & Investigations may represent other clients (some of whom may be engaged in business activities competitive to yours) on matters that may be considered adverse to you or your interests, so long as we have not been engaged by you on the specific matter for which the other client seeks representation. Furthermore, you agree that you will not assert that our representation of you constitutes a basis for disqualifying us from representing another client in any such matter. However, be assured that we have comprehensive policies and procedures in place for the creation and maintenance of “ethical walls”, when required, between MadPI Consulting & Investigations investigators representing clients whose matters may be adverse in interest. In common with our treatment of the confidential information of all of our clients, at no time will any of your confidential information be disclosed to or used for the benefit of any other client. You may wish to obtain independent legal advice as to the implications of your agreement to these terms.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding this Client Service Terms, please contact us using our Contact Us form; email us at; or write to us at: 4141 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 650, Montréal, Québec H3Z 1B8.

Last Updated: April 10, 2017