Infidelity DNA Testing Montreal

MadPI Consulting & Investigations, can help you acquire the evidence you need to get that peace of mind, and move on with your life!

Have you found a hair in your house or on your partner’s clothing? Have you found a suspicious stain on the bed sheet, towel or underwear? Did your partner actually cheat?

You deserve to know the truth! We can test for the presence of foreign DNA and help solve these mysteries once and for all! Our scientific Infidelity DNA Testing is a 100% proof of your partner’s infidelity!

We understand the sensitivity of the situation and the emotions that you may be going through. Therefore, our service is guaranteed to protect your privacy and maintain strict confidentiality! We will submit a coded sample to the laboratory, so your identity will be protected and won’t be revealed to anyone!

The laboratory we’re affiliated with, is used by legal firms and social service agencies. The results are accurate, certified and court admissible.

The Infidelity DNA Testing will identify the presence of a foreign DNA on the item in question, and will determine whether it belongs to a male or female (XX or XY chromosomes). After that, the DNA profile obtained could be compared to the DNA profile of the suspected individual. Our Private Investigators could help obtain the samples, and thus establish conclusively, whom the tested DNA actually belongs to!

We can analyse a vast variety of items for the presence of foreign DNA or semen

Undergarments, Shirts, Scarves, Gloves, Hats & Any Other Types of Clothing & Fabrics | Bed Sheets & Towels | Used Bathroom Tissues, Kleenex, Q-Tips, Cotton Swabs, Band Aids, Tampons, Pads & Condoms | Toothbrushes, Toothpicks, Dental Floss, Eyeglasses & Razors | Hair, Blood, Saliva, Nail Clippings & Skin Fragments | Cigarette Butts, Chewing Gum, Drinking Glasses, Paper Cups, Utensils, Straws & Bottles | Office Supplies (Staplers, Writing Instruments, Envelops, Stamps) | Personal Objects (Remote Controls, Keys, Weapons, Sex Toys).

When collecting and packaging the samples, please follow these few simple recommendations

  • use new and clean gloves and tweezers to collect and handle the samples
  • use new and clean plastic ziplock bags to package: hair, chewing gum, envelopes, stamps, glasses, or bottles
  • use new and clean paper envelopes for: clothing, sheets, cigarette butts, toothbrushes, razors, condoms, tampons, etc.

For prices, turnaround times, collection of samples, packaging, and for more information on Infidelity DNA Testing, please Contact Us for a Free and No Obligation Consultation and we will guide you through the process!