Online Privacy Check and Reputation Analysis

Large corporations rely on online privacy, reputation monitoring and management tools to protect their reputation online. Yet, if an individual wants to protect their privacy online or understand their reputation, they are hard pressed to locate available services or necessary tools.

That’s why MadPI decided to change the game and bring an affordable and robust solution to its clients. With over 30 years of dedicated experience, law-enforcement background, advanced scientific degrees, and proficiency testifying in court as an expert witness, our experts in Data Privacy and Security Solutions in digital world, have designed MadPI’s very own, the

Personal Privacy and Reputation Management Services (PPRMS)

PPRMS provides individuals, families, and small enterprises a single point of contact for online privacy check, reputation analysis and reputation management. Whether you need a single analysis, or ongoing monitoring of your reputation, PPRMS uses the most advanced and industry recognized Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools to:

  • Identify your digital foot print
  • Identify vulnerability of your personal information
  • Uncover publicly accessible personal information
  • Check email reputation and uncover blacklisted accounts
  • Locate compromised passwords and accounts available on the dark web
  • Locate associated or abandoned accounts by user name on thousands of online services
  • Uncover imposter accounts

Are you afraid that your name, your email accounts or social media accounts leak personal information?
Have you been using your email and it ends up in spam of people or organizations that you send it to?
Is your password secure or is it in the database of commonly listed passwords?
Have you created an account in the past and it’s no longer in use but personal information is out there still?
Has someone been impersonating you on social media?

Online Privacy Check and Reputation Analysis Packages are available to meet every requirement

Package 1

$ 899
  • Personal 1-Time Analysis

Package 2

  • Personal Annual Monitoring

Package 3

  • Small Enterprise 1-Time Analysis

Package 4

  • Small Enterprise Annual Monitoring