MadPI Consulting & Investigations, is a Montreal-based, customer driven all-inclusive consulting and investigative firm. We are result-oriented, and with our capability and resources, we deliver the most accurate, relevant, and up-to-date information and counsel to a wide variety of clientele.

We are the best investigators and consultants in the industry. We have related university education, years of outstanding law-enforcement, intelligence services, and private investigation experience. We have worked cases involving organized crime, espionage, white-collar crime, street gangs, completed undercover operations, and international missions. As a result, we have extensive knowledge in a variety of pertinent areas of expertise.

We comfortably operate in marble halls as well as in dark street corners. We are intelligent, resourceful, and mean business. We also have ties to the local and international communities, are culture sensitive, speak several languages, and have access to the latest investigative and security technology. We are the go-to firm for those to whom both short, and long-term success is paramount.

We are fully bonded, protected by the liability insurance, and comply with Federal and Provincial legislation (PIPEDA, PSISA and PSAQ).


As you can tell by the design of our website and the logo, we, at MadPI Consulting & Investigations, love maritime references. How does it fit with the solutions we provide, you may ask? Well, here is how we see it. One of the undisputed laws of the seamanship, dating back to ancient civilizations, dictates every mariner to attempt to save life of others in peril. This principle has been woven into the very fabric of every mariner’s personality.

At MadPI Consulting & Investigations, we are mariners in this sense too. While we already loved history (the backbone of every investigation case), expeditions (search for clues and evidence), and discoveries (the proofs and the results), we went even further. We made it our passion to help people. We offer proven solutions and support; we resolve or greatly improve any dire predicament you may find yourself in; and we build resilience and encourage recovery, while providing an exceptional level of service to our clients. We work hard to boost your competitive advantages, reach new destinations, and meet your personal and corporate objectives.

Together with our distinct breed, the following values allow us to sail steadily in the industry’s frenzied ocean.

Integrity, Respect, Accountability

MadPI Consulting & Investigations, is the place where honesty and good faith, common interests and healthy interactions, are an integral part of our navigation. We appreciate the nature of our client’s needs and understand the challenges you encounter. We also recognise the impact our words and actions may have on your life, your business, your reputation, and future success, just as well as on ours. Therefore, we explore every bit of your situation to provide you with the most appropriate solution. We trim our sails to each client’s individual requirements, and see every case from beginning to the very end.

Excellence, Professionalism, Collaboration

At MadPI Consulting & Investigations, we believe in constant improvement of our services, and are very acute to the winds of change and new developments within the industry. We pursue innovation and digital transformation, but continue to maintain your privacy and confidentiality, and treasure it as our own. We also maximise the success by pulling together diverse resources, working closely within our crew, and with the client. We attend conferences, build new long-term relationships, share knowledge, update our education, and are unconditionally committed to be better at everything we do.

Do you want answers to your questions?
Then, let us fill your sails with the wind of intelligence you can count on to cross any sea!


At MadPI Consulting & Investigations, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results while remaining within the guidelines of ethical and legal principles. Truthful and factual evidence, provided in a cost-effective, transparent, and timely manner, is what sets us apart from the competition.

We take confidentiality very seriously, and make sure that appropriate security measures are in place to safeguard your information. Any communication that we receive from you, anything that we develop in the process, and anything that will be stored for future records, in case it may be required to be presented in court, will be handled according to strict Federal and Provincial legislation, corporate confidentiality practices and the latest available technology.

Upon completion, we provide comprehensive reports, describing every step of the investigation, with superior-quality photographic, video, and any other collected evidence.

What we can do for you is not limited to the categories listed below, and we will be happy to rig to other special requests.

Get in touch with us and discover the ocean of possibilities with our consulting and investigative services!

MadPI Consulting & Investigations

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No matter how high the waves and how chaotic the winds on your journey may seem, our competent crew will pilot your ship to shores of truth, knowledge, and security!