Forensics & Polygraph

MadPI Consulting & Investigations, engages only the leading experts in the field who use the finest and the latest technology. Our specialists have over 25 years of dedicated experience, law-enforcement background, advanced scientific degrees, and proficiency testifying in court as an expert witness.

Forensic DNA Testing: Paternity Testing | Genealogy Services | Infidelity & Rape Testing

We can provide 100% accurate and conclusive analysis for the detection of semen, sperm, human saliva, and blood, to determine whether infidelity or rape has occurred. We will provide a comprehensive written report for each instance, including photographic documentation.

Forensic Document Examination 

Forensic Document Examination specialists will conduct scientific examination of questioned documents and will present an expert testimony in the form of a comprehensive written report, and if necessary, a court expert appearance.


Polygraph experts will assist you in verifying truthfulness of persons suspected of wrongdoing. We will provide a comprehensive written report, including video and audio (if requested), with each polygraph examination.